Our Story

Since 1962, The Washington Shores Church of Christ (WSCC) has stood in the heart of the Washington Shores Community as the first African-American Christian Church in the state of Florida. In 1961, William Ellis begin evangelistic work among the African American people in central Florida.WSCC earliest worship service began with a one month evangelistic meeting, by the end of the meeting 17 people made up the membership of the new congregation. 
In 2004, Brother Ellis was called home after his long tenure as Pastor for 42 years. Following his departure, Pastor John Fuller (2006-2010) served us and during his tenure we acquired our 1st Administrative assistant, our 1st youth minister and our 1st worship minister, and dedicated our original sanctuary as the "Ellis Hall".

In June of 2012 the Church brought in Pastor Darrell Hairston, a business mind who accomplished great feats for the kingdom of God. Over the next 10 years of his leadership he established the Neighborhood Shores Outreach Ministry and many other ministries that have strengthened our Church up to this day. Throughout his leadership, he showed us that the power of prayer and commitment, thus implementing our theme: "Stickability, The Power of Endurance."

In April of 2023, we began the search for our 4th Senior Pastor in our churches history and the Lord sent us Pastor Trevonte T. Peterson, Sr and his family. We look forward to all that the Lord has in store for our future under his leadership.

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